Ayurvedic Treatments with Samantha Bullimore

Firstly, What is Ayurveda?

That's the most common question I hear. Well in short terms, Ayurveda is the time tested Indian way of healing. A holistic health system combining massage, yoga, meditation and nutrition. The word "Ayurveda" translates from Sanskrit as the "Science of Life".

Ayurvedic Massage

So what is an Ayurvedic Massage and how is it different from any other massage?

Not only do my treatments focus on the physical body, but also treat the nervous system, bringing deep nourishment to all the cells and tissues as well as the mind – reconnecting mind, body and spirit as one.

Your Ayurvedic massage treatment will begin with a consultation. Together, we will go through a short, completely confidential health and lifestyle consultation prior to your first treatment. This is designed to identify your needs and expectations and will allow me to adapt the treatment to suit you at the time of your appointment.  

Then I can begin your ayurvedic treatment tailored specifically to your needs at the time, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes using intuition to guide me through your treatment, which direction to follow taking into consideration how your body reacts to the energy releasing massage. Using traditionally blended Ayurvedic oils in my treatments is a potent contributor at maintaining harmony and balance. Using natural plant-based oils to penetrate the skin easily and transport the healing properties of nature, directly to the cells in the body. The oil is heated and applied directly to your skin whilst you melt into the heated bed beneath you.

Incorporating deep breathing, mantra and mindfulness throughout your time with me.



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