Where did it all begin?

I never actually imagined having a wellbeing studio to be honest, it kind of just happened! I was looking for a room/space to rent to run my Ayurvedic Massage business from. Whilst looking I found an amazing hidden gem literally across the road from my previous workplace of 10 years, and even though I had been walking past this building for the past 10 years I had never realised this space was there! So, I went to look at an empty loft space and immediately got 'that fuzzy feeling in my stomach' as I walked through the door - this is where I was meant to be.

It was perfect! Yes that's what I saw. But all I needed was the back room (with the black flooring) as my treatment room - so what to do with the rest??

Invite other holistic wellbeing practitioners in and create an amazing space for people to come to when they need to reconnect mind, body & spirit, heal and feel well. And the Samantha Bullimore Wellbeing Studio idea was born.

So many hours of painting, grafting and a little help I have been able to create a space I could've only have dreamed of.

And on 1st November 2019 we had the most amazing launch party and invited everyone to see what we have to offer.

Now we have an amazing space to do all of the above, offering ayurvedic treatments, holistic beauty treatments, yoga, pilates meditation classes and workshops and its just continuing to grow and grow and I absolutely love the community we are building together. What a team.

Why not take a chance and see where it takes you? Ping those big girl pants on and find out. I did and I'm never looking back.

Sam xxx

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